Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet – More Outside on the Inside

Radio commercial sound design for DDB / Volkswagen.


The radio ads for VW and DDB South Africa feature the ‘sounds’ of a Beetle being started, the sun roof being opened, the car being driven away and then slowing down to indicate.

Working with the tag line “More outside on the inside”, we were tasked with recreating and replacing all of these car sounds with two collages of sound effects – natural and suburban.

For example, the sound of the car engine starting in ‘Nature’ is a combination of ducks, chaffinches, horses and a flock of pigeons.

Try out the multitrack player below to hear how we put the spot together.

Click the speaker icons to mute/un-mute individual tracks

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB
Sound Design: Ithaca Audio