World of Sounds

We were recently asked by Directors/Animators Jeff Han and Paul Sangwoo Kim to create the audio for their new short film World of Sounds.

The film is centred around the idea of a ‘world of sound’ being created when a musician plays an instrument. The character in the film plays the keyboard and around him an entire world evolves into being, containing the different elements of the sound, for instance the large floating ships represent the bass element of the keyboard sound.

The film allowed us to be very creative with the sound design and we were able to layer the audio to give the feeling of an industrial space where all these sounds are being created.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the film for presenting then please email and we would be happy to provide a copy.


Jeff Han
Gyum Kevin Heo
Paul Sangwoo Kim
Jeewon Kim

VFX Advisor
Ming Tai

Charles Rose

Product Manager
Paul Saskas

Colton Scott
Ronnie Alveras

Makeup Artist
Jessica Yu

Sound Design
Ithaca Audio Ltd